I’m not very design savvy, can you help me choose my next window treatment?

We offer Shop at Home consultations. Our consultants will take measurements and bring samples to demonstrate the different types of window treatments.

What are the best shades for blackout?

We have honeycomb shades with side channels or roller shades with side channels for complete room darkening. We also make custom black out lined draped for room darkening that can compliment existing window coverings and add some decor and softness to the space.

What type of window treatment is best for oddly shaped windows?

Oddly shaped windows such as bay windows, skylights, round windows and arched windows are difficult to decorate. Each has a different shape and needs to be treated differently. For instance, blinds, shutters, solar shades and motorized drapes are good options for covering bay windows. For arched windows, shutters and customized window treatments are the best bet. Skylights are best treated with cellular shades. We also install shutters for skylights.

What’s the difference between real wood and faux wood blinds? Which one is better?

Both real wood and faux wood blinds look similar but differ in terms of their raw materials, features, appearance, and cost. Real wood blinds are entirely made of wood such as basswood and hardwood (hence the name) covered with a protective layer of varnish for giving a glossy finish. These blinds offer a richer and more natural grainy look while being durable and easy to install. However, they’re not recommended for rooms with high humidity levels as they’re made of real wood causing swelling or warping.

On the contrary, faux wood blinds are made from Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) with a coating of high-tech polymer (composite). These blinds give a synthetic look but are durable, easy to clean and can withstand high moisture. However, these blinds are not recommended for windows with direct exposure to heat or sunlight.

The choice between faux wood and real wood blinds depends on the preferences of homeowners. If they want a durable window treatment without spending a fortune, then faux wood blinds are good. But, if they want durability, quality and have a good budget, then real wood blinds will be the best.

What type of window treatment will be good for creating a modern, minimalistic look?

Window treatments with clean lines work wonders for creating a modern, minimalistic look. Therefore, roller shades, faux wood blinds, plantation shutters, and cellular shades are the perfect choices for giving a sleek and modern look to your décor with a minimalistic approach.

How can I make a room cooler with window treatments?

Window treatments are a great way to improve energy efficiency by keeping the home cool, especially during the summer. Some of the best window coverings options to block sunlight, insulate windows and save energy are blackout shades, cellular (honeycomb) shades, shutters, and blinds. All these treatments offer privacy, block the summer heat from entering the room and maintain the indoor temperature.


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